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Trust Factory solutions are built upon a landscape of emergent technology solutions used to define the effects of artificial intelligence in our world. The solutions we define conform to law and the environmental needs of our stakeholders. Trust Factory operates a 'opportunity analysis' framework that incurs an upfront fee of $15,000 for review of all consulting opportunities. This fee provides the payee an initial situational analysis as to the suitablity of Trust Factory as a consulting & solutions provider.
Trust Factory projects influence $500m+ economic environments whereby high integrity ICT savvy project specialist can be beneficially engaged by those seeking ethical consultancy services as required for the tactical delivery of outcomes, centered upon an end-to-end framework of verifiable claims.

Fee Schedule

Indicative Fee schedule

Below is an illustrative fee schedule designed to assist with opportunity evaluation. Trust Factory is suited to projects where worlds-best consultants are desirable and able to be obtained by providing the financial means upfront to incrementally deliver outcomes.
The economic barrier is put forward for the express purpose of SPAM management.

Contact via Payment

$5000 Minimum. Payments less than this amount will be considered to be a donation, with thanks...

Please provide location, email & telephone contact details through the payment system. We evaluate our cliental incrementally...

Code Description Rate Card
CONTACT To Get in Touch to have serious conversation about a New Project. $5,000 AUD
EVAL To Evaluate or Assess a Project related opportunity framework (SWOT analysis). $15,000 AUD
INIT To Start a Project. $75,000 AUD
CONSULT TF Consultants: 30 hour billable work week, or part thereof. $30,000 AUD
DESIGN Design 'fit for purpose' technical solutions. $150,000+ AUD
MAKE deliver an operating 'fit for purpose' technical solutions. (min. 12 weeks) $350,000+ AUD
FIX Disaster Recovery projects. These projects also incur % premium / success fee structure. $240,000+ AUD
HELP Project Autopsy, triage and disaster recovery (fix) where (if/as considered) possible. $220,000+ AUD
INVENT Invent something that has been articulated & agreed upon; providing the derivative knowledge capital to client. $1,500,000+ AUD
VIP VIP's for events and related activities.
Group Discounts Apply. Subject to Timing, Availability & VIP(s) being interested.
$150,000 ~ $1,500,000+ AUD
Indicatives: Trust Factory related project costs (historical) Small to $5bn+

All additional costs incurred by the project are charged to the client + 15% handling fee. Trust Factory operates an exclusively 'ethical project operations' framework, accruing capability beyond billability of nonsensical actors, actions and interruptions. Our activities are kept privileged and confidential as knowledge economy practitioners.